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Physical Therapy for the Athlete

Players want to play.  Unfortunately recreational sports and running can sometimes lead to injuries like shin splints, pulled hamstrings and rolled ankles. After a thorough initial evaluation, you will be set up with a physical therapy program to work on specific impairments. You will also undergo a an analysis to uncover bio-mechanical flaws that can increase injury risk and provided with targeted exercises to improve mechanics.

Early/Acute Injury Management

Injuries are a part of sports and early injury management can be confusing. What is safe? What might make things worse? Is pain ok? If you have recently suffered an injury, set up an initial assessment and you will be set up on a basic program to make sure that your injury recovery starts off on the right track. Most injuries require minimal rehab during the early stages, however understanding how to progress through the early stages of rehab is important to make sure that all basics are restored.  It is also important during this time to maintain strength, mobility, and function of surrounding muscles and joints as well as the muscles and joints of other body regions. As your primary injury heals and your body is able to tolerate more, you will gradually be progressed through a program targeted at your impairments. When your rehab is complete you will be discharged with a program designed to reduce your risk of re-injury.

Overuse Injuries and Recurring Pain

If you are tired of your back pain, knee pain, hip pain or any other body pain every time you try and get back into exercising, there are often underlying factors that can lead to increased discomfort.  Some of these factors include, decreased flexibility and joint mobility, strength impairments / imbalances, faulty movement patterns, training volume errors and inappropriate rest. Each of these factors will be examined during the rehab process to make sure that you are able to resume your desired level of activity without the fear of recurring pain.

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